How can you not love a renegade? The brewers that forgo fancy zip codes in favor of affordable rent so that they can focus on just making great beer? They’re out there, and in numbers too great to ignore. They’ve more than captured our attention so we’ve crafted a tour that explores their unique approach to getting beer done.

This category of brewers includes Four String Brewing Company (production brewery), Sideswipe Brewing Co., Actual Brewing Co., Zaftig Brewing Co., Land Grant Brewing Co., Pretentious Barrel House, Kindred Beer or Combustion Brewing. Of them, three will be on any given tour. Each tour will include 3-4 samples or a 1/2 pint at each stop, as well as brewery lore, talk about the craft beer community and face time with brewers and/or owners whenever possible. You’ll have time to purchase growler fills to go or a quick pint of your favorite sample before we hit the road for the next destination.

This tour is $52 per person which includes van transportation, an experienced guide and samples at each stop. The breweries we explore vary by day of the week and time of day so if you are interested in a specific line up in advance check with us by e-mail us at


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