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Something old, something new. Something bottled, plenty brewed. Not to mention, some great food too. Welcome to the Brewery District.

The craft of beer brewing is in the midst of a local renaissance but the origins of brewing in Central Ohio started here, among the historically preserved buildings of the Brewery District. On this tour of the neighborhood, we reveal the brewing history behind its stately brick structures, dive into the fundamentals of the creation of craft libations and sample all manner of beer, food, and more. Between pours and bites we’ll recall the era of local Beer Barons from the hey-day of the 1890′s to the dog days of Prohibition. We will toast the men and women that have made the Brewery District what it is, from the Hosters and Wagners to Hartmut Handke and Lenny Kolada. We cover the history of the area as well as those that are making history today.

This tour is priced at $58.00 which includes tastings of a variety of beverages and/or food at five locations and a guide with extensive local history knowledge and craft beverage expertise. This walking tour lasts approximately 3.5 hours and involves a leisurely one mile stroll.

Please note, while we sample local craft beer and other beverages at many stops on this tour, there are no breweries open to the public in the Brewery District (the name comes from the pre prohibition legacy of the area, not the activity of today).

The Brewery District Walking Tour is offered March to November on Saturday afternoons. (We post dates in March and update through the season). Please check the tour calendar for available dates.

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  1. Where does the brewery district walking tour go to?

    • Jim Ellison
      July 6, 2016

      (Update: March 2019) Our typical stops are: Rockmill Tavern, Antiques on High, Daily Growler, Arepazo and Brick. On occasion we may have to sub in a different location or go more in depth at one location for a longer stay.)

      (Update: August 2018) The tour (now) typically goes to Rockmill Tavern, The Daily Growler, Copious, Arepazo and Brick.

      The Brewery District Walking Tour (updated March 2018), typically visits CBC Restaurant, Brick American Kitchen, Copious, Arepazo and Rockmill Tavern. At 4 stops guests will sample beers (local craft beers) and at one stop a cocktail. Snacks are offered at 3-4 locations. We sometimes substitute another site for one of the stops if there is a special event in the area. We also serve up a lot of pre prohibition history on the tour.

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