Tap into Uber with Columbus Brew Adventures

May 29th, 2015    •  by Jim Ellison    •   No Comments »

Over the last year we have noticed many of our guests are choosing Uber to get to our first tour site or use it to get to their post tour destination after we end our brew adventure with them. Feedback from guests using Uber has been great so we have partnered with Uber to offer a benefit to our guests. See the details above and you may just find yourself with a free ride. Use the code CbusBrew15 when you sign up to use Uber.

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Brewing Terms that make our Guests Giggle

March 19th, 2015    •  by Jim Ellison    •   No Comments »

After guiding several tours, guides start to develop a sixth sense for when someone is about to break the collective train of thought with a laugh (maybe even a snort) from out of the blue. While new to us guides, this is something that our brewing pals have known for years. To the outside world, especially those with a few ounces of beer in their bellies, some common beer terminology can sound downright hilarious. It does not happen with every group nor is it always at the same part of a tour or even the same term, but sometime during […]

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One Year of Adventures: Thoughts on our first year of tours

September 8th, 2014    •  by Jim Ellison    •   No Comments »

Columbus Brew Adventures offered our first tour to the public on September 7th 2013. You can see scenes from that tour in this -> video by the very talented Mike Beaumont from Spacejunk Media. We have sold out the downtown tour almost every Saturday since then. It was exciting to have people passionate about joining us to explore the craft beer scene in our city and I still feel that way about each tour we do. We added the Grandview Tour shortly after then shifted it to Saturday afternoons in January. It too is selling out nearly every week. It […]

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Four String Brewing Company : In the Can

April 23rd, 2014    •  by Jim Ellison    •   No Comments »

There have been a whirlwind of developments at Four String Brewing Company in the last 6 months. The most recent is the canning and release of their signature beer, Brass Knuckle Pale Ale, to the public. The microbrewery is too small to have a regular canning line or storage for 10,000 plus cans so instead of delaying growth of their brand, they partnered with Buckeye Canning to bring the canning line to the brewery.

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Food Trucks and Craft Breweries: Two great tastes that go great together

March 27th, 2014    •  by Jim Ellison    •   No Comments »

Inside the various subcultures in Columbus, there are two groups that stand out for working together within their industries and partnering with others to promote the best of our city. Well, we are obviously biased, but we are more than casual observers of how the craft beer community of Columbus continually pulls together to help and promote each other. We also see this in the world of mobile food. And for these two groups, we are happy that their worlds have collided.

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Private Tour Confidential

February 10th, 2014    •  by Jim Ellison    •   No Comments »

We've run over two six packs of private tours since launching last September. If you are planning a group event this year, contact us and we will put together a special tour for you.

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Columbus Brew Adventures 2013 Holiday Gift Guide

December 11th, 2013    •  by Jim Ellison    •   No Comments »

Tis the season…..to get stumped on what to get people for the holidays. But we have a few suggestions that will warm the hearts of the craft beverage aficionados in your life while allowing you to shop local.

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Great Beer Selection at House Wine in Worthington

September 24th, 2013    •  by Bethia Woolf    •   1 Comment »

With a name like House Wine, you might not naturally expect an establishment with a strong beer offering. House Wine has served Old Worthington since 2007, when owner Donnie Austin made a splash by opening the first wine shop in Ohio to employ the clever and practical Enomatic (automatic, swipe-card driven) wine dispensers. While House Wine has offered an impressively curated selection of beer for several years, Donnie has recently endeavored to further emphasize craft brews by showcasing it alongside his wine selections.  Jim recently interviewed Donnie to find out more about this new development at his shop. How has the response […]

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North Market Microbrew Festival 2013

August 22nd, 2013    •  by Bethia Woolf    •   No Comments »

This year the North Market’s Columbus Microbrew Festival (September 13th-15th) promises to be bigger and better than ever. If you haven’t been for a couple of years the event has now moved outside and Spruce Street is closed to allow room for 20 microbreweries, a stage and a beer garden. The North Market hosted Columbus’ first all-Ohio-brewed craft beer festival in 2006 with six capital city breweries sampling their locally brewed beers inside the market building. Each subsequent year they’ve added more breweries and this year, the eighth year, there’s a record twenty breweries. The participating breweries come from all […]

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New Company, New Itineraries.

July 28th, 2013    •  by Bethia Woolf    •   No Comments »

We’ve had a fun summer doing research for our new beer tours and we’re excited to bring you some fantastic itineraries. The aim of these tours isn’t to get drunk but to learn more about the truly inspiring artisan producers that we have in our community and in Ohio. We want you to meet the people, hear their stories, learn about their products and of course, enjoy tasting them. Making beer is both and art an a science and there’s a lot to discover whatever your existing level of expertise. Here are some photos from our visits this summer to […]

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