So Long CBC Restaurant (1997 to July 29th, 2018)

August 1st, 2018    •  by Jim Ellison    •   1 Comment »

If you joined us on a tour over that last five years, there is a 50% or greater chance your launch point with us was at Columbus Brewing Company Restaurant, later CBC Restaurant. Since September of 2013, we ran over 350 tours originating from this craft beer destination. Most of the tours were our Downtown or Brewery District Walking Tours. For many guests, it was not their first visit to the restaurant but for all who joined us there, the food and service were memorable. Over five years, we made fast friends will all of the staff and worked with […]

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Barleys Makes a Big SPL(m)ASH with Batch 2000 and 2001

June 11th, 2018    •  by Jim Ellison    •   No Comments »

We visit Barleys most Saturdays on our Downtown Brewery Tour and we drop in doing private tours and coordinating special events as well. After over 200 visits since we started in 2013 we still find there is something to learn and something new going on. Some of our guests are a bit dismissive when they hear Barleys is going to be a tour stop because they have been there in the past and want to see “the new, cool places.” By the time we leave Barley’s every single guest that had that thought has changed their mind and more often […]

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It Takes a Village: Being Part of the Craft Community

December 24th, 2017    •  by Jim Ellison    •   No Comments »

Running a tour company featuring craft breweries in Central Ohio involves a lot more than drinking beer. To understand and engage the community, we look for ways to become part of it. That means between tours, we are spending a lot of time at breweries asking questions, finding out what is new, etc., and sometimes just hanging out. You can’t connect with the craft community by just just dropping in a few times per week and leaving after 50 minutes, you need to build the relationship. In the world of social media, we look to support our partners by sharing […]

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We are BIG on Wolf’s Ridge Barrel Aged Beers

September 28th, 2017    •  by Jim Ellison    •   No Comments »

Four Septembers ago Wolf’s Ridge Brewing opened this doors to their restaurant and brewery and we ran our first public tour. In the following months we made a lot of trips to Wolf’s Ridge and watched a weekly evolution of the business and their approach to the craft of beer. No one at Wolf’s Ridge Brewing would have predicted the deep lines that queue up for their special bottle releases today or that they would be able to find the extra space to build up a highly respected barrel aging program. Well, they did, and they did it well. Chris […]

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We are Sweet on Sours from Wolf’s Ridge Brewing

July 29th, 2017    •  by Jim Ellison    •   No Comments »

We have a lot of history with Wolf’s Ridge Brewing. We both launched in the same month and year (September 2013) to a soon to explode craft beer scene in Columbus. In our early days, we ran nearly weekly tours there. In 2015, we created a new tour with a goal of focusing on some of the different approaches Wolf’s Ridge takes in the world of beer. Our Craft and Draft Tour explores a brewery (Wolf’s Ridge) a mead maker, cider house and distillery to give guests insights into all of the craft alcohols made in Columbus. At Wolf’s Ridge, […]

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Wing It with CBA: Homestead Beer Co. Wing Wars, August 13th

July 13th, 2017    •  by Jim Ellison    •   No Comments »

Since the inception of Columbus Brew Adventures, we wanted to find more ways to facilitate fans experiencing new craft beer festivals, events and destinations in Central Ohio. We decided to set our bar high for our first foray as a non tour trip to offer an event shuttle to the 3rd Annual Wing Wars at Homestead Beer Company on Sunday August 13th. When signing up you will receive one of ten tickets we acquired to this sold out event. Admission includes: 16 wings, 3 (full) beers and the festivities of Wing Wars (valued at $30). You will enjoy transportation and […]

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Four String Brewing Co. offering a “Gateway” Porch Pounder

May 14th, 2017    •  by Jim Ellison    •   4 Comments »

One of the fun aspects of touring breweries on a regular basis is seeing the evolution of these businesses and their ideas over time. We heard rumors of a special lager Four String was working on months ago. The debut of Hilltop Heritage Lager is the realization of a beer to fill a void. It is also right sized priced starting at $7.99 for a 16 oz six pack! The beer is officially released in cans and draft on May 15th. It is crafted to be an easy drinking beer, approachable to fans of PBR, Old Milwaukee, etc, as well […]

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Seventh Son – A Sign

March 26th, 2017    •  by Jim Ellison    •   No Comments »

Seventh Son Brewing has some stealthy advertising that many are just starting to notice. As a brewery commonly featured on our Downtown Brewery Tour, we just had our first group of guests notice this billboard sign across the street from the brewery without pointing it out to them this week. The sign first appeared in November of 2016 (when everyone was trying not to pay attention to politics) and at quick glance looks like it might be a sign for a campaign for higher office. It may be for a higher purpose, the billboard lets people know they just passed […]

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On the Road Again: Delaware & Powell Craft Beer Tour

August 4th, 2016    •  by Jim Ellison    •   No Comments »

There is a lot brewing north of I 270 and we are taking you to explore all of it. Most of these spots have been open less than 2 years but their brews are already getting a lot of attention. August 20th will be our inaugural run for this season. Our first stop is the Daily Growler in Powell where we will give you an introduction to craft beer basics, learn how to taste craft beer and sample a few of the best beers in Ohio, (including Hoof Hearted Brewing whenever possible). Next, we head just down the street to […]

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Tales of the Columbus Ale Trail

April 30th, 2016    •  by Jim Ellison    •   No Comments »

Over the course of the past year Columbus Brew Adventures has passed out almost 2000 Ale Trail books to people on our tours. I’ve spoken with over 100 people using the books as I have crossed paths with them at breweries all over Central Ohio. The consistent message is: This is great! I can’t say that anytime in my professional career have I been lucky enough to work on a project that was universally loved like this. What I have heard frequently and what I like the most is that people enjoy the book – because it is a book, […]

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