‘Round this time of year, things can get kind of creepy. Lights flicker in the old brewery warehouse. Nobody knows why. Stacked barrels of wine cast shadows that conceal who knows what. Out of the corner of your eyes you see… well, whatever it was, it’s not there now. Makes me nervous, I think I need a drink.

Beer, Wine, and Boos… if you’re up for it, we’ll take you. Last year’s tour sold out in under 24 hours. We got a nice testimonial out of that one. We’d hoped for more but, well, things got a bit ‘unusual’ and…

First, we’ll fortify our nerves with some liquid courage at Wolf’s Ridge Brewing. Then it’s across 4th street to the old firehouse – nothing could go wrong there. Those who remain will load into the CBA van for a ride to the oldest movie house around, to experience the haunted history of Studio 35. We will pair brews with boos here before a slow cruise down the city’s eeriest street.

Still with us? We’ll go back 200 years at Barleys and learn about the Old North Columbus Graveyard while we sip on a brew pub seasonal selection. Our final destination will be Via Vecchia Winery, perhaps the most haunted haunt in town. We will calm you down with a glass of locally made wine before we start a winery tour and learn about the building’s haunted house guests and pre prohibition history.

(Via Vecchia is not typically open to the public, wonder why that is?)

If time allows we will point out some other “spirited” sites in the city before we head back to Wolf’s Ridge Brewing. This tour includes samples of beer, a glass of wine and a whole lot of the unknown.

We offer this tour (or versions of it) on a very limited basis in October and early November.

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