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(NOTE) November 25th, is the last time we will be able to offer this tour….ever. The winery is moving and the area will be developed.

Around the Halloween season, we pair both kinds of spirits – spectral and alcoholic. On this tour, we explore one site in depth, Via Vecchia Winery. Not typically open to the public, the owners open their doors to share the history of the building (a former sales office for pre prohibition Hoster Brewing), discuss and sample their award winning natural wines and talk about the ghosts that roam the building especially when the night grows dark and cold.

At Via Vecchia you will explore the hidden gem in the Brewery District with us and sample a variety of their natural wines. If times allows, we will share history of the surrounding area to those that are not so scared they have to scurry home.

The tour lasts about 2 hours. It includes a tour, samples of wine and maybe a ghost or something that goes bump on the night. This is priced at $25 per head (if you are able to hold on to it). Please join us for this last date.

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